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wooden square planter with green plant blooming

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Welcome to Ipe OutDoor, the epitome of outdoor elegance. Dive into a world where premium Ipe wood meets innovative design, offering outdoor furniture that stands out in both style and durability. Designed to meet the discerning standards of landscape architects and design professionals, our furnishings are more than just pieces of furniture; they’re transformative elements that elevate the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor project.

Our USA-made Ipe wood furniture caters to both commercial and public spaces, seamlessly blending with your design vision while promising unmatched resilience. From parks and resorts to urban landscapes, our offerings add a touch of timeless charm, making every space unique.

Choosing Ipe OutDoor is not just about selecting top-grade furniture; it’s about embracing a partnership that values and nurtures your design aspirations. Experience the transformative potential of Ipe outdoor furniture and collaborate with us to craft outdoor spaces that not only look stunning but also leave an indelible mark.

For professional designers and architects seeking inspiration, our projects serve as a beacon. We aim to streamline your design journey, making our design files easily accessible on CADdetails.com.

wooden square planter with various colored flowers blooming from it
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Why Use Ipe Wood?

Solid & Built To Last

Sleek & Contemporary Look

Resistant from rot, mold, insects, & fungus.

Prevents surface scratches

Burn rating equivalent to steel and concrete

Ipe is an excellent outdoor wood. It is popular for hardwood decking, siding, and patio furniture. Its high concentration of tannic acid and natural oils makes it resistant to fire, rot, mold, insects, and fungus. Ipe is extremely hard, so it resists surface scratches. Ipe can be expected to last 25 years or more in an outdoor

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