Revolutionizing Public Spaces with Ipe

Cudahy Library Outdoor Seating

Taking public spaces from ordinary to extraordinary, Ipe Outdoor revolutionized the outdoor areas of Cudahy Library. Our unique pieces, encompassing both straight and curved benches, a picnic table, and a comprehensive seating set, perfectly demonstrate the durability and aesthetic appeal of Ipe wood. Our installations breathed new life into the library’s landscape, marrying functionality with a rich visual appeal.

With diverse design preferences in mind, each piece was crafted with precision to balance form and function. The project underscores our steadfast commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the local community, yet are designed to endure the elements.

We encourage professional designers and architects to glean inspiration from our projects, aiming to simplify your design journey. To assist in this, our design files are readily accessible on

The transformation of Cudahy Library showcases how strategically chosen and well-placed outdoor installations enhance public spaces. Explore this project and envision the potential of Ipe Outdoor to redefine your public spaces.